The New Standard in CSI

It seems that every reputation management company is throwing in social media as part of their offering. As a result, social media companies are scrambling to add reputation components to their service in order to keep up. All of them are missing the boat when it comes to the impact of reputation and social media on organic search rankings. Dealer Influence is the properly mixed collision of search, social and reputation specialists who have developed a service that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s Not 3 Services. It’s 3 Parts of 1 Service.

Social Media Marketing

Reputation Management

Dealer Influence uses modern techniques that are constantly evolving based on the actions of sites like Yelp and Google+ as well as compliance changes made by the OEMs. Our strategies are designed to play within the boundaries set by everyone involved while maintaining an unbeatable level of effectiveness.
Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media can and should be used to help dealers drive more business. It requires a real strategy. The combination of science and art that goes into social media marketing is intimidating. Thankfully, we’re not scared.
Search Engine Optimization

SEO Enhancements

The missing piece in nearly every dealership’s search engine optimization strategy is the review and citation component. Dealer Influence does not replace your current SEO or website partner. We simply fill in the gaps that are certain to be in your search strategy right now.

How Is Your Business Listed?

Reviews Generated
Happy Customers
Amazing Strategy