Don’t just reach consumers. Influence them. Use Dealer Influence to improve your search, social and reputation exposure. Take control of what your prospects see about you online.

Compared to just a couple of years ago, it’s easier today to get in front of your customers online. So much time is spent by your customers and prospects researching vehicles and dealerships before they ever reach your store that there’s a good chance they’ve seen you, your inventory, or your reviews before picking up the phone or driving to the dealership.

The majority of dealers and the vendors that serve them focus on getting in front of people online. While this is important, it’s also crucial to control what they see and how they see it when they do find you. This is where influence marketing comes into play. This is where Dealer Influence helps.


True Reputation Management

There are plenty of options out there for car dealers who want to solicit for more reviews. Unfortunately, the majority of those services are either using risky “filtering” methods that the review sites abhor, applying weak strategies that aren’t generating more reviews, or both. The process surrounding true reputation management is both effective at getting more reviews, and safe by refusing to use risky filtering techniques. It’s the best of both worlds.

Business-Driving Social Media Marketing

Despite the opinions of many in the industry, social media can and should be used to help dealers drive more business. The reason so few are doing it is because it isn’t easy. It cannot be automated. It cannot be scaled using bulk-posting software or push-button advertising models. It requires a real strategy that is simply too involved for most vendors. The combination of science and art that goes into social media marketing is intimidating. Thankfully, we’re not scared.

SEO Enhancements

The missing piece in nearly every dealership’s search engine optimization strategy is the review and citation component. Google has made it very clear that performance on review sites and digital directory citations are important parts of the organic ranking algorithms, but few automotive SEO services are doing it right or applying it at all. Dealer Influence does not replace your current SEO or website partner. We simply fill in the gaps that are certain to be missing in your search strategy right now.

The Whole Package

Any of our services can be sold separately, but we don’t encourage that. Dealers that really want to make a splash with their digital marketing performance will want to participate in the complete package because when search, social, and reputation are all talking to each other appropriately, that’s when the magic really happens.

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