DealerPRO Training is the largest performance-based fixed operations training organization in North America. Their exclusive process-driven training builds a service team of skilled customer retention specialists.  DealerPRO’s training solutions achieve gross profits and CSI numbers many dealerships have never seen before.  DealerPRO dealers, on average, see an increase in gross profits of 40% or more and CSI numbers that exceed industry benchmarks.


As Fixed Ops experts, the DealerPRO team knows the importance of a positive online reputation in your service department.  They work hard to train your service team; don’t let a few bad reviews ruin your online reputation.  By partnering with Dealer Influence, dealers now have a process available for managing their online reputation, reaching beyond the sales department and service drive in “putting the customer FIRST!”  A dealer’s online reputation is a critical business driver for their dealership and Dealer Influence provides a fully automated process that prevents negative customer reviews and generates more positive reviews.

Online ReputationReviews and overall digital reputation are quickly becoming the most important factor that determines whether car buyers are willing to do business with you.
JD Rucker

It’s a fact. In the digital world, where the messages people are seeing influence when and where to buy a car, advertising is losing ground to peer recommendations. 81% of car buyers admit to being influenced by reviews and commentaries made by real people on the internet, while a mere 17% say they trust advertisements.


You already knew all of this. You know that you can improve your reputation online, but you’re either not using an automotive reputation management service right now or the one you’re using is not producing the results you expected. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Dealer Influence Reputation Management

Dealer Influence is designed to proactively build, enhance and manage a dealership’s online reputation. Created to boost positive online reviews and limit negative reviews from being published to the web, Dealer Influence leverages Cactus Sky’s expertise in email deliverability and incorporates mobile-friendly video email to further increase response rates. It encourages customers with complaints to voice their experience using a “Not Satisfied” button and routes those negative reviews directly to dealership management. This provides dealers with the opportunity to respond before reputation damage occurs. With easy to monitor comprehensive reporting and an unmatched inbox placement, Dealer Influence is an irreplaceable tool that delivers results.

Our Proven Process

Dealer Influence gives you the opportunity to address customer complaints and correct the situation before it gets published to all the online review sites. Once a negative review is published, there is nothing you can do to get it down. Take control of your online reputation before it hurts your business.


  • Follow up and ask for the review with a video email
  • Provide an offline channel for unsatisfied customers
  • Correct the issue before the customer receives a CSI survey

Everybody Needs a Little Help with Yelp

Most dealers cringe at the mention of the internet’s most popular review site. But Yelp is more than a venue for dissatisfied customers to vent about one unique experience. Yelp is a beneficial tool to build your online reputation, gain customer referrals, and even share coupons and specials.

Did you know?

  • Increasing your Yelp rating by 1 Star is linked to a 5-9% increase in annual revenue
  • Yelp integrates with Siri, if you are not on Yelp you are invisible to iPhone users