Online ReputationReviews and overall digital reputation are quickly becoming the most important factor that determines whether car buyers are willing to do business with you.
JD Rucker

It’s a fact. In the digital world, where the messages people are seeing influence when and where to buy a car, advertising is losing ground to peer recommendations. 81% of car buyers admit to being influenced by reviews and commentaries made by real people on the internet, while a mere 17% say they trust advertisements.


You already knew all of this. You know that you can improve your reputation online, but you’re either not using an automotive reputation management service right now or the one you’re using is not producing the results you expected. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Dealer Influence Reputation Management

There are plenty of choices that dealers can make about their reputation. Unlike many marketing disciplines, the gap between proper and poor reputation management services is huge. Using the wrong strategy isn’t just bound to be ineffective. It can actually do more harm than good.

Dealer Influence uses modern techniques that are constantly evolving based on the actions of sites like Yelp and Google+ as well as compliance changes made by the OEMs. Our strategies are designed to play within the boundaries set by everyone involved while maintaining an unbeatable level of effectiveness. Before we describe how we do it, let’s take a look at the industry as a whole:

The WRONG Way to Manage Your Reputation

Just about all of the reputation management services in the automotive industry have the same basic playbook:

  1. Pull customer data from the DMS or CRM
  2. Email them a “survey” to determine if they’re happy or not
  3. If they’re happy, send them another email asking them to review you
  4. If they’re not happy, send them a link to a direct “venting portal”
  5. Rinse
  6. Repeat

This is called “review filtering” and it’s dangerous. You never want to be caught by a consumer, a journalist, or a review site with this method of review gathering. This two-step process is the biggest risk a dealership can take in today’s world of digital retribution. A good reputation can turn bad very quickly using this strategy.

The RIGHT Way to Manage Your Reputation

Dealer Influence pulls the data, just like everyone else. Where we differ, is we send a single email that has avenues of both public reviews as well as direct communication. If someone is happy, they are encouraged to visit their favorite review site, one that they’ve used in the past in order to achieve the highest probability that the review will stick. If someone is unhappy, they are given a way to voice their concerns directly to the dealership’s owner or general manager.

By using this one-step methodology, dealers are protected from the risks that most services make them endure, while still focusing on making good reviews public. Giving them a way to communicate directly with the dealership to resolve issues gives them the priority treatment that they expect from you while keeping the matter private. This is the ideal way of delivering excellent customer service as well as identifying possible weaknesses in the dealership’s processes.

So Much More

Our review generation strategy is only one part of many that makes the Dealer Influence Reputation Management service unique and effective. Please contact us to schedule a complete demonstration. Let us prove to you that not all automotive reputation management services are created equal. What you learn may shock you. It’s bound to inform you and is the first step towards taking control of your digital reputation immediately.

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